Enjoy the sunshine (my 13th letter to you)

Dear Daniel,

I am writing to you once again in English. You are a little older now, and I know you are going to be learning English in school, so reading my letters can perhaps help you.

English is a great language. It is very useful, because you can travel to many, many places and speak it to many different people around the world.

It is also a beautiful language, with many very good books, songs and poems that you can learn to read, when you get a little older. As you might know, I am a writer, and I always write in English. I hope one day I can help you improve your English.

Your little sister Daphne speaks very good English, of course. But because she is still very little (only 4) she sometimes mixes in French with her English. For example, she sometimes says, “I want a fruit, me.” Which is translated from the French “Je veux un fruit, moi.” (In English you should say, ‘I would like a piece of fruit.’)

Anyway, the sunshine is (finally) here. I hope you enjoy getting outside and make the most of it.

As always, I am thinking fondly of you.



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